Don’t miss this spell-binding story of truth, love, and murder.

It’s 1962. Sadie Markowitz returns to her 13-year old body to solve the brutal 60-year old murder of Constanza Diaz, a young psychiatric patient.

Sadie and her friends find Angel, Constanza’s daughter, in the woods at Alley Pond Park. The girl is terrified. She tells her story, sobbing pitifully. The kids are shocked by their new friend. They bring Angel food, clothes, and eventually a forever home with Grandma. Grandma helps Angel recover. At the same time, she works with Sadie on the case. Without DNA and modern technology, there are no answers.

The only solution is to return to the present.

What does the old lady find in the present? Who killed Constanza Diaz? Why is it a cold, forgotten case?

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