It’s about being fully present in the moment without judgment or distraction from the past or future.  Mindfulness can lead to a higher sense of being or spirituality in what is called Positive Psychology.

There are many ways to practice mindfulness – from meditation to relaxation exercises and creative arts to motion. The goal is to reduce stress, ease mind and body, and enable you to return to a state of awareness.

Photography, as a visual experience, is one way to use mindfulness to positively impact your life. Whether you’re outside creating visible images or inside viewing them, photography can help you take pause and taste the moment.

Some call it the art of seeing

Mindful InSights images embrace you in the present while touching something deep and wonderful within.

The following Mindful InSights include abstract, semi-abstract, and dream-like images. Look at them; allow yourself to be drawn into their patterns, colors, and stories.

Seize the moment – experience the beauty and thrill of the present.

How to use Mindful InSights

  1. Sit in a cozy chair or place.
  2. Review the gallery; choose an image that calls to you (you don’t need a reason).
  3. Take a cleansing breath and relax. Stare at the image.
  4. Let the image carry you into a comfortable, pleasant space in the moment.
  5. Go with it – drift into it – experience the moment wherever it takes you.
  6. Try to suspend time – it can take as little as a few minutes.
  7. Relax and feel great.
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