The Survivor’s Guide to Food in the Age of Climate Change.

Your dinner plate has changed!

Many of your favorite foods are endangered because of climate change. Think chocolate, coffee, peanuts, avocados, fish, and grapes (wine) among others. But the news isn’t all bad. There’s a lot you can do NOW to fight climate change on your plate, in your life, and on Earth.

This quick read is packed with practical advice for eating planet-healthy in the face of climate change. You’ll learn how to modify your eating habits, make conscious decisions about how to spend your grocery dollars, and join grassroots movements to save the planet.

The book features profiles of people making a difference, lists of superfoods which are planet-friendly and sustainable, great recipes, and hundreds of easy-to-do “Go Green Think Blue” activities you can use today to help combat climate change.

Become part of the solution!

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