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Book Web Publishing was founded in 2000, dedicated to providing high quality fiction and nonfiction to adults and children. Many Book Web titles involve special co-authors like the children who worked in the Books By Kids and Books By Teens series.

Book Web Minis is an imprint that produces original mini books (50-70 pages long) where leading professionals and expert practitioners share their voices. Positive, feel-good subjects are explored in each title, utilizing top authors, editors, designers, and photographers. Readers partner with these experts to explore up-to-the-minute facts, photos, content, and quizzes. If you’re interested in doing a mini book with us, contact us.

Dr. Jeri Fink

Dr. Jeri Fink is a bestselling author, photographer, and family therapist/clinical social worker.  She has worked in mental health, written over 32 nonfiction and fiction books for adults and children, and published hundreds of articles and blogs on and off line. Topics cover everything from history and technology to psychology, humor, and culture. She explores cutting-edge ideas that stress the power of positive meaning in life. Check out her travel expeditions to the Earth’s poles, How I Became BiPolar and Awesome Icebergs. See her nature photography. Join Photo Insights and receive a free, upbeat photo in your email every week.

Laugh with Whaddya Think, Dr. Fink? her bi-weekly blog about the humor in life.

All that’s required is a smile.

Donna Paltrowitz

Donna Paltrowitz began her career as a NYC teacher and licensed reading specialist. Her path evolved into developing, editing, and authoring more than 100 published children’s books, adult books, computer books, magazine articles, and educational software. She is chief editor for Book Web Minis, exploring new paths to affirm positive energy and give a voice to new discoveries, expert insights, and innovators.

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